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Private Label scented candles & diffusers


Dalian Talent Group works to an exemplary standard in bringing the best branded and private label solutions to your business. Our aim is to be the only choice for you!


With over 27 years' experience in the candle, home furnishings and toiletries industry, you can be confident that Dalian Talent Group is equipped to understand and support all your private label needs.

Our private label service gives you the opportunity to offer a completely unique, bespoke product to your customers in terms of look and feel, scent and packaging; or the option to choose from a large number of off-the-shelf products, which are available to add your branding to.

If you are considering adding these categories to your business, from scented candles, reed diffusers, wax melts to room sprays; and many more. We can partner with you on endless product possibilities, and we are here to help guide, expand and collaborate with you.



Home Fragrance
Candles and Diffusers

global BRAnd partnerships

Brand licensing agreements create a wealth of opportunity, extending a brand into new product categories and gaining awareness and exposure to new demographics. Dalian Talent Group offers a highly experienced team with global expertise to partner with your brand across local, regional or global territories. From the initial idea through to final production, we articulate each brand’s DNA with impeccable precision, ensuring individual brand code is 100% aligned


Through our participation at all major international exhibitions, our ever-growing knowledge bank of up-to-date trends, an International Design Centre and global Marketing Teams, Dalian Talent Group is here to advance your brand at every stage of its lifecycle.

Talent Candles
Room Sprays and Scented Diffusers
Talent Candles Stone
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